Wednesday, July 4, 2012

1929 Cleveland four

Harley Baja and 250

1920 Triumph model 550h

 Acetylene headlamp I think

 10 to 12 stone... this is flipped upside down so it's easier to see than how it's on the bike.
but when did you ever see a weight limit of a motorcycle seat?

this doesn't have a steel chain, it has a linked leather band, like the Isotta Fraschini fanbelt.

1939 BMW R51 RS

 the riveted tag on the left says Daytona Beach National Championship 1952. I couldn't make out the other

Why it has an Indian Motorcycle sticker is anyones guess

The field of motorcycles at the Graystone Mansion Concours d' Elegance

for another perspective, see Just a Car Gal's gallery:

1936 Bugatti Type 37 Cabriolet

 What this knob is for I have no idea

why are owners of these cars so unfamiliar with the controls and switches that they need a map and manual to make the lights work? If you value a car so, much you pay a million or 3 for it, wouldn't you be incredibly interested in knowing everything about it's use, it's gauges, switches, and options

1939 Bugatti Galibier Type 57c