Friday, June 15, 2012

Burberry Gets a Black Eye by Chavs in the UK.

Some time ago I posted my first Burberry Art Car, but last night I discovered that this was just the tip of the British iceberg. In the UK Chavs is a phenomenon, youths of ill-repute, often football hooligans, who dress in designer brands, and Burberry being the particular brand of choice. According to a BBC article, the Burberry brand became a victim of its own success when Chavs co-opted the brand and now is associated with people who do bad stuff and many even think that Burberry is be worn by the person who mugged them. Fortunately sales of Burberry outside the UK did very well in spite of the "Chav" stigma.

So for your Art Car pleasure I present the most complete line up of Burberry art cars and other Berberry gear associated with the "chav" lifestyle now in full swing in the UK.
Burberry Chavalier Chav Art Car
Burberry Reliant Robin Art Car Burberry Maserati Art Car Burberry Art House
Burberry Reliant Robin Art Car Burberry Chavalier Chav Art Car Burberry Cat
Burberry Riffle Burberry Art Vespa Burberry Skull Cap
Burberry Bicycle Burberry Car Burberry Chav Youth
Burberry Camera Burberry Car Seat Burberry Dog

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